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Discover MOONLIGHT BUBBLES inflatable shelters for Spa.

No building permit required

Weather conditions limit the use of your spa during the year and the installation of a “hard” shelter requires a building permit and the cost is generally high.

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Available Standard Sizes 13’ and 15‘

The RPS ’’pressure regulation system’’allows to absorb the different temperature variations while maintaining a constant pressure without having to intervene on the inflation of your shelter.


Condensation inside the shelter is regulated by the hole at the top of the shelter.

- Moonlight Shelters can be installed on any type of surfaces: lawn, deck, concrete

- Economical

- Plug and play set up

- Easy storage. Once deflated, your shelter can be easily stored in its bag.

- Totally silent, No motor, no blower to disturb your peace

-Fits over the Spa. No need to move the spa

- A 12’air gap between the 2 layers of fabric protects against cold and hot temperatures

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Interior lighting reveals the design of the dome at night.

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Is winter too harsh to enjoy your spa all year long? Transform your spa by using an inflatable shelter allowing you to swim even when it snows. Appreciate the temperature inside as an ingenious concept regulates the pressure and the temperature between the interior and the exterior.


The system is designed to be autonomous. You don't take care of anything!

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Each Moonlight Bubbles shelter Kit Includes:

High-quality Bubble Shelter

Air Inflation System

Fire Certification Labeling

2-year Manufacturers Defect Warranty

Carrying Bag, D-rings and ropes


Note: Shelter is air tight and doesn't need a blower on to stay inflated. The pump/regulator only comes on when needed.


- 13’ or 15’ shelters (exterior dimensions)

9’ 9” high interior dimension

Material: 0.8 MM PVC Coated Polyester

Fire Retardant

Temperature Tested -40 F

Waterproof - Mildew & Mold Resistant

UV Protected - won’t fade , discolor or yellow

Dimensions & weight folded in its transport bag

           13' : 198 Lbs        36” x 31” x 32”

           15' : 220 Lbs        37” x 33” x 34”

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