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MOONLIGHT BUBBLES is a unique lodging offering and a great investment.

Whether you purchase MOONLIGHT BUBBLES for your own enjoyment, to start a Bed & Breakfast type business or add to your existing offering, the experience your guests receive is completely unique. Glamorous camping or “Glamping” is here to stay. The concept of sleeping in Bubble tents is not new and is already very popular in Europe.

​  -  Original temporary accommodation. Nature like experience.

  -  Respectful of the environment. When not in use, bubbles are stored leaving the space undamaged.

   -  Various sizes are offered: 10’ (only available as a bathroom) as well as 13’, and 15’.

   -  Each bubble connects to each other through a connector bubble. You meet the demand of your customers by modulating the            ..........installation as you can link up to 3 bubbles together plus the connector bubble.                                                                                                   -  Up to 430 sf of livable space when you combine 3 bubbles.

   -  Bubbles are priced to offer a quick R.O.I.

Offer rooms for sleeping under the stars and a panoramic view in the heart of nature.

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In less than 15 minutes per bubble and no electrical installation, you offer a very cozy lodging.                                      MOONLIGHT BUBBLES are auto stabilized, resistant to rain, snow and wind. The 12” air gap between the 2 layer walls provides an optimal insulation by removing the effects of thermal bridging and condensation as well as an effective sound barrier.

Our bubbles are made with the thickest commercial PVC available. The PVC is sewn using state of the art welding equipment to guarantee perfect waterproof seal.


- A portable heater and air conditioning unit can be added for better comfort during cold or hot nights. A dry toilet can also be added when a 10’ bubble is use with opaque walls covering 75 % of the bubble. Natural light comes from the clear portion of the walls at the top.

- Uniform temperature: The dome form is superior to conventional shaped rooms in sustaining better airflow and a uniform temperature inside. Air flow is maintained even in warm, still weather conditions. The heat inside is distributed evenly at all points.


- No over-pressure felt inside the tent as compared to other bubble tents. The air is in between 2 layers of PVC keeping the tent inflated without having a blower running all the time. The front door can stay open while you are inside and you do not need an entrance tunnel to enter which must be closed at all times to avoid deflation like some competitor's models.

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Single room Layout

Single Room Layout

Available Standard sizes: 10', 13' and 15'

The 10’ is only available as a bathroom / sink / shower

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Single room setup.jpg

Double room Layout

Double Room Layout

Combination available

Each combo comes with a “connector” bubble for easy access

13’ + 13' or 15’ + 15' or 13’ +15'

10’+ 13‘ (the 10’ can only be a bathroom)

10’ + 15’ (the 10’ can only be a bathroom)

The 10’ is only available as a bathroom / sink  and or shower

2 room Set up.jpg
Double room layout

Triple room Layout

Triple Room Layout

Combinations available 


13’ + 13‘ + 13’ with no bathroom

15’ + 15‘ + 15’ with no bathroom

13‘ + 13’+ 15’ with no bathroom

13‘ + 15’+ 15’ with no bathroom

10’+ 13‘ +13’ with the 10’ as a bathroom

10‘ + 15’ + 15‘ with the 10’ as a bathroom

10’ + 13‘ + 15’ with the 10’ as a bathroom

Triple room layout.jpg

The bubble connector

The bubble connector (in blue) is the key element to assemble various combinations which allow lodging professionals to adapt the bubbles to their needs whether it is terrain or weather. With our system you don't need to invest in a 50 room hotel to get started but build your business according to your needs.

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10' bubble for privacy

10' bubble for bathroom 2.jpg

It is much more!


Depending on your goals, this 10' bubble can be attached to the connector bubble to create a double or triple layout or it can be set up alone and used by more guests.


For privacy this 10' is only offered with opaque wall covering almost the entire bubble.


A dry toilet avoiding a sewer system connection and / or a bathroom vanity with a sink can be installed as well as a small shower.

There is plenty of room to fit the toilet, the sink and the toilet in the 10' bubble. A special ventilation is necessary when a shower is used. In case you are in an area where water supply is scarce, both sink and shower can be (almost) autonomous by being hooked up to a reverse osmosis water recycling system.




Each Moonlight Bubbles shelter Kit Includes:

- High-quality Bubble Shelter

- Air Inflation System

- Fire Certification Labeling

- 2-year Manufacturers Defect Warranty

- Carrying Bag, D-rings and ropes. 

Note: Shelter is air tight and doesn't need a blower on to stay inflated. The pump / regulator only comes on when needed.


- 13’ or 15’ shelters (exterior dimensions)

- 9’ 9'' high interior dimension

- Material: 0.8MM PVC Coated Polyester

- Temperature Tested -40F - Fire retardant

- Waterproof - Mildew & Mold Resistant

- UV Protected - won’t fade, discolor or yellow

- Dimensions & weight folded in its transport bag

         10' : 88 Lbs 26” x 20” x 21”

         13' : 198 Lbs 36” x 31” x 32”

         15' : 220 Lbs 37” x 33” x 34”

Original temporary accommodation offering the comfort of a deluxe hotel in a sustainable way while respecting the environment

Our motto is: leave the place better and cleaner than you found it!!

This lodging system is completely reversible and has no impact on the environment.

Moonlight Bubbles Inflatable lodging is here to answer the questions and needs of tourism professionals.

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