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Floating Swimming pool with net

-  Portable and durable

- Quick inflation

- Easy to store

- Piece of mind while swimming


This 20' x 13' Floating net pool is constructed of top quality materials. It inflates in minutes while the net in the water forms a barrier. Once deflated it stores as a compact package.
The inflated platform provides a comfortable edge to your swim area for easy entry and safe exit.
Place it in the water on the beach, in a canal, on a river bank, lake or pond, or attached to your boat or dock. This floating pool net will bring you peace of mind by having a safe and secure swim zone while keeping jellyfish, water snake and other swimming creatures at bay. It is also great during seaweed season.


Material: 0.9 mm PVC Tarpaulin

Air blower: 110V-120V ; 1200w CE and UL certified

Accessories: Sand filter Pump, Safety ladder and ground cloth

Warranty: 3 years

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Floating platform 1

Floating platform

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Floating Islands

Swim bubble
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