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Air Shelter Inc is managed by a group of International business developers and engineers. Our entire focus is designing and distributing professional shelters, lodging and spa tents. We are dedicated to working closely with our clients and to help them meet their specific needs.

We offers expert services including:

  • Tailored system design to meet customer requirements and budget

  • Detailed engineering specifications and drawings

  • System design, implementation and installation

  • Training solutions for system operators

  • Installation manuals

  • After-sales support and service


Our products are sourced through our manufacturing partners in various parts of the world including US, South East Asia and Europe.


Our sales networks spread all over the world including Europe, South East Asia and the Middle east.

We have offices in France, Spain, Singapore and Arlington TX.


We aim to bring to market the best possible products and offering the best possible warranty for each market.


Do not hesitate to contact us regarding any of our product lines.

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